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Welcome to the Great Brisbane Bike Ride Training Programs.

#GBBR2019 – Training Program

#GBBR2019 – Your training starts NOW.Okay, here it is folks. Straight up, no gimmicks – a training program you can trust.DOWNLOAD THE FULL PROGRAM NOW >’ll be releasing rapid-fire vids later this week with tips on climbing and descending hills, and more info next week on how to nail each stage of the course.Support our work – ride with us!

Posted by Bicycle Queensland on Monday, 11 March 2021

The 40km, 75km and 110km rides cater for anyone who has a bike, through to the seasoned racer. Bicycle Queensland’s training partner, Energy Lab, are proving the training program.

If you are unsure of which ride to choose, look at the first four weeks of the Program. If you think you can do those sessions, then choose that ride distance. The Program is designed to gradually build your strength and endurance.