Coot-tha Challenge to inspire sporting inclusion

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March 8, 2021


John Swete Kelly has dedicated his career to helping people overcome hurdles to achieve their sporting dreams — and he practices what he preaches.

This April he will put his fitness to the test when he tackles the 110km Great Brisbane Bike Ride & Coot-tha Challenge.

Mr Swete Kelly said in his role as CEO of the Sporting Wheelies and Disabled Association at Bowen Hills he empowered people with disability to lead active healthy lives and achieve their personal and sporting dreams by providing rehabilitation, sport, recreation and building inclusive communities for all Queenslanders.

“Through the work that we do, I am in contact with people every day who are overcoming challenges to achieve their sporting dreams,” Mr Swete Kelly said.

“I’m passionate about maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle and I love to be able share that passion with people with disability.

“By taking on challenges like the Great Brisbane Bike Ride I hope to demonstrate that patience and persistence pays off and that cycling can be enjoyed by anyone as an exciting sport or a relaxing recreational activity.”

Mr Swete Kelly said he hoped to see more people with disability getting involved in cycling to enjoy the physical and mental benefits of being fit and active.

“Cycling is a sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, fitness levels and abilities,” Mr Kelly said.

“I’ve been cycling for years to stay fit and healthy and I ride to and from work every day,” he said.

“It’s something that I enjoy immensely and it’s an activity that I’d love to promote to others who are thinking about taking it up.

“Events like the Great Brisbane Bike Ride are wonderful at encouraging people to get involved in sport because it’s not about winning or losing — it is about achieving a personal goal.

“This is something that we focus on when supporting and developing emerging and elite athletes with a disability.”

Mr Swete Kelly said he was looking forward to taking on the 110km ride, featuring a climb up Brisbane’s highest peak.

“I’m always keen to take on a new physical challenge and I hope that this will inspire others to do the same.”

The Great Brisbane Bike Ride & Coot-tha Challenge will be held on Sunday, 29 April.

The Bicycle Queensland event is for people of all ages and fitness levels, with three course options – 110km, 75km, and 40km – as well as a Family Fun Ride.

For more daring riders there will be an optional Mount Coot-tha Challenge — a timed 2.3km, 9 per cent climb, up Brisbane’s highest peak.

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