77 and taking on Brisbane’s highest peak

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March 5, 2021


Scarborough resident Jim Loyden isn’t one to shy away from a challenge — with the 77-year-old tackling the Great Brisbane Bike Ride & Coot-tha Challenge for the fifth time this April.

Mr Loyden said the 110km ride, featuring a climb up Brisbane’s highest peak, had been a highlight on his calendar since he first got involved in the Bicycle Queensland event.

“I’ve been cycling for years to stay fit and healthy and I love a good challenge,” he said.

“Friends say my passion for cycling is contagious and I like to think that I’ve inspired a fair few people to improve their own health and happiness by taking up cycling.

“If I’m 77 and can do it, anyone can. It just takes a little practice.”

Wendy Carter, 48, is one of Mr Loyden’s cycling converts.

Ms Carter said she bonded with Mr Loyden during a nine-day Cycle Queensland adventure tour in 2014 when she was just a beginner.

“His encouragement kept me going and we’ve been friends ever since,” Ms Carter said.

“We’ve cycled through some of life’s biggest challenges and I’m proud to be able to join Jim at the Great Brisbane Bike Ride this year.”

Mr Loyden said last year alone he cycled around 12,000km and commits to cycling 250km to 360km a week.

“Riding Mt Coot-tha as part of a mass event like the Brisbane Bike Ride is amazing,” Mr Loyden said.

“Being with like-minded people, experiencing that sense of camaraderie and pushing through a challenge together is one of the most rewarding feelings.

“For me, cycling if life changing. I’ve overcome some of my biggest challenges thanks to cycling and I’ve inspired others to do the same.

“Age is just a number — don’t let it hold you back.”

The Great Brisbane Bike Ride & Coot-tha Challenge will be held on Sunday, 29 April.

The Bicycle Queensland event is for people of all ages and fitness levels, with three course options – 110km, 75km, and 40km – as well as a Family Fun Ride.

For more daring riders there will be an optional Mount Coot-tha Challenge — a timed 2.3km, 9 per cent climb, up Brisbane’s highest peak.

Set yourself a challenge and register today at

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